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We work with retailers and brand owners to provide up-to-the-minute intelligence and a deep understanding of today's shoppers. Our insight powers improved retail performance.

We focus on two forms of customer service insight:

Customer insight: the key to improved retailer performance

For us, customer insight is the foundation of customer understanding, creating shopper engagement and developing the retail experience. Online, mobile and in-store innovations have fundamentally changed today's retail landscape. And customer expectations have also changed — almost beyond recognition. To merit future success it's no longer enough to just focus on the balance between price and quality.

Developments in the collation and analysis of customer data provides both retailers and brand owners with a very clear picture of what is actually happening in store. But if used in isolation, this is only a record of purchase patterns and customer response — it doesn't necessarily reveal why shoppers are making decisions or how to make things better.

To help retailers and brand owners fully understand shopper behaviour, in-store decision-making and the shopper experience we focus on engaging with customers in the retail environment. Combined with in-house data it gives a complete understanding of what is happening, why and how to make positive and effective changes.

Customer insight is changing the way in which businesses interact with their customers. In retail it is helping convert shoppers into customers across multiple platforms: physical stores, online and mobile. With free WiFi now accessible almost anywhere on the high street, customers can choose how — and who — to engage with. To avoid the fate of many well-known high street names and brands, businesses should be using customer insight to develop their omni-retailing strategies.

At Orion Ice, our vision is to provide our partners with the retail market research and customer insight they need to maximise retail performance.

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